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Tracey Eman began her acting career at the ripe old age of 8 in NYC where she booked her first show, a bus and truck tour of Showboat, playing the role of Kim Magnolia. Being the young trouper she was, there were many more performances that followed including Baby June in a bus and truck tour of Gypsy; Marta/Brigitta in multiple productions of The Sound Of Music including one summer stock production with Barbara Eden; Karen in Ari, the broadway musical based on Exodus staring David Cryer and Constance Towers. Throughout her youth, 

Tracey appeared in countless commercials, voice-overs and the TV show One Life to Live as well as the ongoing role of Nancy Manning in the PBS series Infinity Factory. 

After spending nearly 20 years as a performer, Tracey moved to Las Vegas and fulfilled her long-term goal of creating her own entertainment company where she provided a wide array of professional acts and performers for private and corporate events. Her business grew and led her to Florida. After many successful years, she "retired" her business in 2015 and went back to the "biz" of being an actress and has been going strong ever since. 

Since then, she has been keeping very busy appearing in numerous commercials, web commercials, TV and film. Her films include: Tiny Dancers playing the role of Jane; the thriller Painkiller as Granny Maude; Blank Canvas playing Victoria just to name a few. TV credits include Love of Zeus, a modernized greek mythology series, in the role of Lachesis and Matter of Minutes, a mini-series, playing the role of Judge Linda Crespo. Currently, Tracy is appearing in the web series Soul Snack adeptly playing various "Karens” scoring a high viewership. 

She loves to work out and is an avid animal lover. She shares her home with two cats named lo e Ottartie and Lilly who she adores. She has a valid passport and is ready to travel. If you're 

lucky, she might show you her excellent culinary skills in the kitchen. Chicken Parmesan or chicken soup anyone? 

She is now ready to tackle Con Wrangell all of her students 

at Rydell High!


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