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Nicole Denise Musgrove-McIntosh (Marzrico) was born on September 10, 1984 in New Providence, The Bahamas. From a young age, Nicole always enjoyed the arts. Although music was not a strong point, drama and sketching were. Her first taste of the stage was as an extra (dancer) in her high school production of "West Side Story" (2001). Upon graduation from St. Andrews School in 2002, Nicole balanced college and the workforce but continued to produce artwork for anyone who would request it. A major stage opportunity was in 2006, when Nicole was casted to play a lead role in the production, "Honey let's Wait". In 2008, she was casted for the television show, "The Hunt". Two years later (2011), Nicole was casted for a, "Verde" commercial and in 2012, a short film entitled, "Sudden Onset". Soon after, she was again casted to play a supporting role in the stage production, "The Other Woman". 2013 was the official breakthrough year- Nicole was casted as a lead role in the short film, "The Dream", which became a part of the Widescreen Film and Music Festival in Miami, Florida (2015). Since then, Nicole never gave up on her passion for acting which resulted in her landing and performing in numerous roles through film, commercials, music videos and stage productions in The Bahamas. Although the 2020 pandemic proved to be tough for the arts & entertainment industry, Nicole used the time to perform and post self taped monologues for her You Tube channel and other social media pages. After the struggles of the pandemic, the universe offered international opportunities for Nicole to expand in her passion for acting, which she accepted with no hesitation. As the opportunities continue to arise, Nicole balances her life as a mother of three and wife with an unexplainable passion as an actress.

Nicole m

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