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Michelle is a sassy Latina born & raised in MIAMI with a Dominican background. She started dancing since she was in her moms womb (Literally)! Michelle was born with a natural charisma and passion to entertain. It took watching the movie “high school musical” & learning the whole dance from the tv of the song called “All for one, teaching it to her classmates as a second grader in her first talent show to then, discover she was born for the show life. Dance is her first passion, It’s what’s saved her throughout her troubled childhood & what’s brought her to love the arts.


After a difficult time trying to focus, Michelle finally graduated high school, she attempted  to do what’s expected in society’s pressure of going to college & getting a degree that’s not in the arts because in a traditional/religious home, the arts isn’t a “real job.” While trying to balance college with a complete different major & work full time to maintain, Michelle knew she was missing something found herself back to dance 2 years later. It’s now been about 4 years of her training at studios such as little Haiti center, Creativo dance studio, showstoppers, eys , Artevivo studio & Dancing professionally. She’s had the pleasure to dance for multiple Artists such as ozuna, BHadbhabie, R&B singer Avant grant, artists from love & hiphop & more. 

She’s been a featured Dander/ Model in Music videos, Choreographed for artists, became a Dance instructor, joined dance teams, Performed many events, danced on the television show “AmericaTeve” & “Despierta America”. Michelle has also even trained in specialty acts such as fire performing, Ariel & stilts. After a lot of soul searching, Michelle realized she’s more than 1 passion. Always being the odd, hyperactive girl with tons of expressions, she realized it must be great for something so she dogged into Acting & it’s now something  she’s really passionate about. From 1 theatre class in high school to fast forward YEARS later she’s now branching making skits, training, has done a few commercials/ ads & is NOW in a GREASE MOVIE/MUSICAL. There’s no “Plan B” for Michelle, it’s Entertainer life or NO life for her. To infinity and beyond.


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