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JP Zabala is a New Jersey born artist who was raised in Quito, Ecuador. At the age of 14 his passion and drive for music sparked a new purpose, which then became the pilar of who he is today. His curiosity and clumsiness lead him to learn how to play different instruments like Guitar, marimba, piano, percussion, and others. 

JP’s uses his art as a platform to share who he truly is and inspire his community to believe in themselves in spite of adversity. Jp’s favorite color is navy blue, favorite movie is Elf, the series he has on repeat 24/7 is FRIENDS, and the song that always has a way to his heart is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, being this the first song that he learned how to sing and play the guitar at the same time. 

JP is a huge believer of the concept that, when you’re release and detach from what you want the most, that’s when we become a target of the blessings we always wanted.

jp zabala

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