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Kae (which reads ‘Ky’) started his career as a child actor in Sao Paulo, his hometown in Brazil. Born in a family of actors, his first TV appearance was at age 5. Through his childhood and teenage years, Kae has starred in several TV commercials, movies, and famous Brazilian soup operas. Still, his biggest passion is the theater. He believes that that is the only place where an actor exchanges a great deal of energy with the audience, and that for him is the most rewarding feeling.


Reaching adulthood, Kae came to the US at age 21, leaving everything behind to start a life here. With a piece of luggage and $300 in his pocket, he has pursued his dreams, with all the glories and its adversities. Kae has lived in New York, LA, but it was in Miami, the Magic City, where he found home.


When not on set, or auditioning, Kae enjoys watching a good movie cuddling with his cats - Leo & Elvis - rollerblading on South Beach boardwalk, or just chatting with his family back in Brazil.


In Grease 305, he will play Eugene, an underdog character from the classic movie. From his history and upbringing, Kae – just like the character – has also faced challenges to fit in, to be loved and accepted in the different places he has been to. Awkwardness has always been close to his heart, and for that reason welcoming special people in all their weirdness is utterly important to him. Excited to board on this project, Kae hopes to show the world that the underdogs should be loved and welcomed by everyone, making bullying part of the history.