Gregory is a charismatic guy who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Since a small child he knew he had potential and that he was talented in multiple ways. But life wasn't easy for him growing up. Greg faced plenty of adversities at a young age. He was different from everyone in his community which made him the outcast and the 'black sheep' of his environment.  Being aware of his circumstances, he never let his situations take the best of him. Instead he decided to go on his own path which led him to his self discovery journey making him the resilient and ambitious guy he is today. Fast forward today Gregory found many of his hobbies and talents through art such as singing, rapping, acting & martial arts. He joined local music programs in middle school to learn the elements of music, where he developed his vocal performance and poetry skills, creating his first song at 14 years old. His experience in acting came in high school where he participated in theatre and performing arts for his sophomore & junior year all while pursuing his music career. He’s currently a public figure in his hometown as a music artist going by the stage name of ‘GPTWÁ’ (jee-pee-twa). But now he’s going to a new direction in life by becoming a full time actor for 2020imaginationproductions. Picking up where he left off from high school he’s excited to take on this new role as ‘Sonny’ for the film ‘Grease 305’. Gregory loves his role as Sonny because he states that Sonny fits his personality well which make its a easy and fun character for him to play. Being an actor has always been a dream of his and he will do whatever it takes to become a professional at it through dedication and hard work. You can follow him on Instagram @GPTWA_.