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Anthuan Rubbio-Uribe is a classically trained tenor/countertenor singer. He was awarded a Bachelor's degree in Film and Television production and an Associate's degree in music and music education from the acclaimed educational institution Miami Dade Honors College. He has been singing professionally since 2013 in theatrical productions and on stages in South Florida.


Those included from the Greater Miami Symphonic Band, the Miami Collegium Musicum choir of the Miami Bach Society, Jubilate Deo choir, Voices of Freedom choir, the Messengers of Liberty trio, among many others. In the 2021 Christmas season he will be performing with several choirs from both churches and universities the world renowned "The Messiah" Oratorio as both a soloist and choir member. He will also perform Christmas carols throughout South Florida for several private families and private companies.

Anthuan Rubbio-Uribe

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